10 Tips To Learn How to Play Guitar with Good Technique

How to Play Guitar: Playing guitar can be hard or easy depending on the method you are using to learn the techniques and the chords. To be in the same league as the best guitarists, you have got to apply the basic requirements. This means the basic principles that guide the learning of playing the guitar must be at your fingertips.

How to Play Guitar

For you to achieve the best technique, you have got to be a patient and an open-minded individual who is willing to learn everything about How to Play Guitar. I’m going to give you 10 tips on how to learn to play the guitar with a good technique.

Tip 1: Come up with a Plan and have the Required Resources

Come up with a Plan and have the Required Resources

The reason for having the two together is to enable you to achieve your desired goal. Having a plan only will not do any good if you don’t have the necessary resources. That is why the two items have to go hand in hand. In setting up a plan you have to consider your abilities and personal learning style.

This helps much in achieving a realistic goal of learning the technique that suits you. For the resources, you can have beginner guitar method books, a guitar teacher, and Uberchord app. As you improve on the styles of playing the guitar you need to invest in advanced resources. This comes in handy in improving your skills.

Tip 2: Be Patient – How to Play Guitar

Be Patient

In as much as you want to be at the top leaderboard when it comes to playing the guitar. Starting at a slow pace will help you in mastering the accurate fingering and the notes to apply every time. Having a fast playing approach of the guitar will result in poor technique and not hitting the right notes.

Once you have learned a good technique, fast playing of the guitar comes out automatically.

Tip 3: Correct Practicing

Correct Practicing

This involves having the correct grip when it comes to practicing on playing the guitar. You will find it hard or be hurting when the strings are pressed against the fretboard. That implies that you have to change your grip by ensuring that strings are only pressed by the flat pad of your finger. You can achieve this when your thumb is hooked on top of the fret which creates a balance.

This prevents missing the intended strings and muting those adjacent to such strings. Remember to move your thumb at the back of the neck in order hold at proper angles the upper strings and move your fingers more easily.

Tip 4: Learn the Theoretical and Practical Aspect

Learn the Theoretical and Practical Aspect

It involves scheduling on when to learn the theory and practical part when playing the guitar. The theory part involves studying diagrams, the fretboard and the relation between strings and notes. For the practical part, it’s all about positioning and changing of chords, string bends, and speed drills. For achievement of the best style devote separate times to learn the theory and the physical parts of playing the guitar.

Tip 5: Rehearse Sitting down and Standing up

Rehearse Sitting down and Standing up

When practicing, take into account the position that you are in. While playing the guitar when you are sitting on a chair you tend to bend a little bit to see what your hands are performing. While standing up it becomes a very different affair since you can’t easily see the left hand. How to Play Guitar. That is why you need to adjust the guitar strap to a comfortable position and try practicing while standing up. To acquire the best results try switching between the two positions.

Tip 6: Be Consistent in your Practice

Be Consistent in your Practice

Having the correct method of playing your guitar isn’t that easy. To be at your best you need to be consistent in your practice. Don’t take a very long break then you end up rusting and starting again instead of continued improvement. Remember that much practice will make you perfect the correct technique. You have got to take your time and learn properly until the style you are using sticks in your mind.

Tip 7: Using a Metronome

Using a Metronome

The term might seem new to beginners. The simple explanation of the metronome is a device that marks time at adjustable intervals by marking with regular ticks. The inverted pendulum in the device performs this purpose. This tool helps in giving a boost to your sense of rhythm and timing. Set the beats-per-minute to slow until you maintain a steady tempo. It is a powerful tool when it comes to learning a particular technique.

Tip 8: Learn to use your Ears more than the Eyes

Learn to use your Ears more than the Eyes

While you are learning How to Play Guitar, you always look at how your fingers pick out the notes and chords. This is a bad habit you need to refrain from. Learn not to look at your fingers and concentrate using your ears. You will be much surprised to see how you will flow naturally when it comes to the notes and the rhythm. Using your eyes creates hesitation which throws you off the beat.

Tip 9: Remember the right-hand Practice

Remember the right-hand Practice

In as much as it’s nice to perform a percussive rhythm with your right hand and mute the strings with your left hand. The right-hand technique is often ignored in order to perfect the left-hand muting of the strings. You need to learn the finger-picking and plectrum style by choosing easy chords. Note that playing guitar is a two-handed deal that’s why it’s crucial to focus on the right-hand practice.

Tip 10: Take a Break from Listening to Music

Take a Break from Listening to Music

You don’t need to push yourself too hard when learning How to Play Guitar with a good technique. Take some time off by listening to music as this helps in learning how others play the guitar and mistakes that they make. When your ears pick the subtleties of others playing the guitar you are able to notice when you go wrong.


When it comes to playing guitar with the right technique it all goes down to you. This implies that your dedication, focus, varying of your routine and learning difficult cords will help in improving your style. All you need to do is to apply the important tips I have highlighted above and you will be on your way to being the best guitarist.


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