The Best Educational Websites and Services for Students

It is the dream of each and every individual to receive good quality Educational Websites so that they can thrive in their career and can attain a comfortable lifestyle. However, due to the soaring high fees of top-notch educational institutions, it is not possible for every person to achieve their dream. Quite often, students have to leave their education midway and look for blue collar jobs which will help them in making both ends meet.

Some students save money side by side to pursue their education whereas some lucky ones get scholarships. Still, there are a few who are not as bright as some other students and neither can afford the high tuition fee. For such individuals, the best option is to resort to the internet.

In today’s world, it is nothing more than a misconception to say that online education cannot take you anywhere. Your knowledge and skills matter more than the institution itself because they represent the kind of person you are and what can you do to take the company forward.

Here is a list of the best websites and online resources which can help the students in acquiring quality education or can serve as handy tools to help them in excelling in studies in a traditional college:

  1. Academic Earth:

Academic Earth

Offering a huge array of academic options, this Educational Websites caters to the needs of a large number of students pursuing their degrees in any field. Various online courses are available in different niches including economic, accounting, engineering, and even behavioural psychology. It is a collaboration of a few prestigious educational institutions including Stanford, Oxford, MIT etc. and this raises the standard of this particular website.

  1. Big Think:

Big Think

There are 2,000 fellows on Big Think who have received great fame in their respective forte. These expert record tutorials and write resourceful articles for the students so that they can strive to perform excellently in their fields. These experts are there to guide the students and to help them in making some important decisions pertaining to their education and career.

  1. Internet Archive:

Internet Archive

You can find anything and everything on this Educational Websites as it is an authentic source of information and has data from numerous other big websites. It is even connected to the library websites of certain institutions and thus, is definitely one of the biggest platforms imparting quality and free knowledge to students.

  1. Coursera:


It is a user-friendly website and the students always get immersed in the variety of options available to them. There are numerous courses here and once a student completes a certain course, he receives a shareable electronic certificate which can be used at various places. Thus, his journey of acquiring education never stops.

  1. EdX:


This website is preferred by a number of students as it was founded by MIT and Harvard University in the year 2012. It is one of the most reliable online learning destinations and offers high-quality courses to the learners from some of the best universities in the world. All the global top rankers are included in the list of these universities.

  1. Cosmo Learning:

Cosmo Learning

This portal is different from the rest because it not only provides academic education but also teaches skill-based learning. Students can enroll themselves in 58 different courses or can simply seek guidance from the coursework which is available on the website. There are three main options available on the website including courses, documentaries, and educational material and one can use any of them as per their need. All the subjects are categorized into either being academic or as extra-curricular subjects.

  1. Bright Storm:

Bright Storm

This website is apt for high school students who can find various useful references here and can mitigate their problems. For a few students, it is not that easy to comprehend the technical bookish knowledge but the website is working on this issue. They are making it simpler and easier so that the students can easily understand and use this website to get rid of anything which is bothering them in their course of study.

If you are finding it hard to focus on your studies and need some help in understanding your coursework, you can always resort to any of these Educational Websites. Also, if you cannot afford the traditional college education, this is your way out to acquire high-quality education. Apart from these 7, there are other online tools, services, and websites too which help the students in achieving their study goals and perform well. For more info click here.


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