Best HTML Editor Apps For Android

Hey, Android users are you searching for an app that allows you to edit HTML files on your Android device so, you have come to a right place we have listed best HTML editing Apps for your Android device. Before you search for HTML Editor Apps in Google Play Store & getting confused with thousands of apps then you Must Read this article.

Here is the list of Apps

1) HTML Editor

This is the best app that we have found in Google play store. This app allows you to edit and view HTML & CSS files with very easy steps. In this app, you get HTML5 Template which is the latest version of the HTML. This app also allows you to AutoCorrect your mistakes & you get undo/redo option and you get many shortcut buttons that help you to easily edit and make your HTML file perfect.

Best Features:

-View HTML document
-HTML5 template

-Syntax highlighting

-Shortcut buttons

2) anWriter free HTML Editor

anWriter is a free HTML Editor. However, you will find some Ads in this app but its ok not a big issue. It has It supports modern technologies:
It offers an autocompletion support for HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular.

It also supports FTP you can download any file from the FTP server, and send the file to the FTP server, to browse the directories on to the FTP server. It permits previewing web content in an application:
Allow you to urge a fast preview of your web content in an interior viewer. you do not have to be compelled to open a browser. The integrated viewer includes a JS error console.

It supports not solely net technologies:
Besides HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP our editor supports syntax lightness for C/C++, Java, SQL, Python, LaTeX. Also, it offers auto-completion for C and Python normal functions and keywords.

Source: MilindTech

Best Features:

– Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, SQL, LaTeX, C/C++, Java, Python languages
– Web pages preview in the internal viewer.
– Autocompletion for HTML tags and attributes including user-created class names and Ids

– Autocompletion for LaTeX commands.
– Downloading files from the FTP server
– Uploading files to the FTP server
– Browse directories on the FTP server
– Bottom toolbar with most used characters and cursor controls.
– Search and replace, using regular expressions
– Unlimited undo

– Different codepages support
– Line numbering
– Copy/paste
– Several opened files at the same time
– JavaScript error console in the internal viewer
– Hardware keyboard support
– Font size settings

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3) HTML/CSS Website Inspector

This website ASCII text file editor permits you to possess a glance at website ASCII text file and so modify it.

List of features:
-️️ View full page source and edit it
-️️ List elements like all the links and their CSS styles etc.
-️️ Touch to inspect feature – touch a particular element to see how it’s designed internally
-️️ You can easily search for text in HTML web page source
-️️ You also have an option to share what you’ve found

Facebook Fan page may be found below the below link:
You can send inquiries to the applying developer or recommend new features!

Easy to use
Just enter internet sites web address and examine the ASCII text file of that page.

Learn HTML and CSS
The application may be wont to perceive internet technologies, by reading and writing the code of well-designed sites you’ll learn a lot! Application additionally supports viewing javascript further.

View website source code
This application additionally permits you to look at hypertext mark-up language ASCII text file and CSS vogue that could be a vastly useful once you are making an attempt to check however sites work internally. examine specific parts, change them and improve your website planning skills!
Yep, this editor and program permit you to try and do it.

Please note
The code modified on any website can solely be kept domestically on your device, thus it’ll disappear once the page refresh.


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