How to make fried rice – veg fried rice

How to make fried rice: There are so many ways to make fried rice. There are many type of  friend rice Paneer  fried rice, Veg fried rice, Chinese fried rice, Chicken fried rice and etc. These fried rice is very easy to fried. The same few Ingredients are used in every fried rice that is ajjinomotto and olive oil. Ajjinomotto give different taste in the rice.


How to make fried rice – veg fried rice

How to make fried rice - veg fried rice


To make veg fried rice you can use some vegetable like spring onion, corn, carrots and etc. And if you want some unique taste in fried rice then you can use cabbage in fried rice these give’s some different taste to fried rice. Here we have soya sauce, ajjinomotto, if you want more spice then you can also use chili sauce. Boiled rice 2 cup with some drop of oil.


Heat oil in wide pan if you don’t have wide pan then you can use non sticky kadai . Heat that wide pan with oil. After that put garlic paste till you get an aroma. If you want more spice then you can add red chili sauce and wait a minutes its give good flavor .

After that put all vegetable and wait for 4-5 min to fry it properly.Add salt ,vinegar, soya sauces and ajjinomotto when you are add salt on that time add salt very carefully because in sauces there are add salt already so do it very carefully.

When these start gives bubbles then add  rice and   pepper. pepper power keep fresh before serving. Mix it properly keep it for 4-5 min to fry properly taste it if you feel any thing are missing then you can add by your taste.

How to make fried rice - veg fried rice

Now its ready to eat tasty veg fried rice

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