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Short stories for children and kids are very interesting and with good moral for children of all age. These short stories for kids help to make children learn about good moral and conduct. As children and kids, they are keen to learn things since they are in their formative years. If we provide them with good moral short stories, it is going to educate them with good values and make them fit for present culture and society.

Short Stories for Children

Now a days finding such good moral short stories for children and kids have become very easy. There is no need to visit any book stores and find such short stories. We can simply search on the web and find bunch of such free moral short stories. You can simply copy paste or just read out the stories directly from the web. We we have tried to list some famous stories available free on the web. These stories are with good moral values that teaches good lessons which can be used by the children and kids in their day to day life.

These Short English stories are very entertaining and full of lessons to our children and kids. By reading short stories for children and kids every day, we can help our children and kid build values and also help his reading comprehensive skills.

We have tried to bring collection of some stories for kids with moral lessons and values. Just click on the below links and you will be directed to fun world for kids which will help your children to groom into a better and responsible adult with the help of such small and short stories with moral lessons.

List of Short Stories for Children and Kids

A Hole in the Fence A Merchant and his Donkey
Cocoon and the Butterfly Christmas Surprise
Change Yourself and Not the World Fools
Fox who got cought in the tree trunk Friends
Precious Coin and Generosity A Common Man
Greedy Boy Parable of the Pencil
Love and Time Strong or Weak
Sand and Stone The Ant and the Dove
The Ant and the Grasshopper The Boy who cried ‘Wolf’
The Apple Tree and a Boy! The Crystal Ball
The Bundle of Sticks The Fox and the Grapes

*Stories From Kidsworldfun

I hope the above short stories for children and kids will definitely help groom your children into a better adult with responsibility. Enjoying reading these short stories for children and kids and do provide your feedback in the below comment section if you likes these stories for your kids.


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