Get Familiarized With 5 Best Types Of Cakes

Cakes are something really special. Whenever there’s a celebration of any happy occasion, types of cakes have always been there for any occasion is incomplete without a cake cutting ceremony. Most of us won’t eat cake on a regular basis but whenever there’s a special occasion like birthday or anniversary, the first thing that goes on the planning list. We have a diverse choice of cakes.

Sponge cake is definitely very common and it is also versatile, yeast-based cakes have great traditional roots while chocolate cakes have always been dominating the list when it comes to celebrating the birthday of your kid. You can find extensive cakes that include sweet, spicy, creamy and fruits cakes and many others.

1) Soufflé:


Souffle is definitely the special type of cake to start the list. The French are always famous for their skill of cooking and Soufflé is one of those sweet dishes that have always been remained quintessentially French.

The making process of this cake is actually simple. This cake is made with the egg yokes and beaten white mixing together. It is a highly versatile and delicious cake.

2) Passionfruit Sponge cake:

Passionfruit Sponge cake

If you want to get the most intense flavor in the world, Passionfruit is just for you. It is a perfect flavor to use it in a cake. You can use it as a filling or as an icing, or both.

The traditional passionfruit sponge cake comes with two moist layers of sponge which is perfectly filled with the creamy filling of passion fruit, vanilla, and mascarpone, skillfully topped with passionfruit infused icing or a dust of icing sugar.

3) Babka:


It was originated in Eastern Europe but now this cake is famous across the entire world. The spongy and brioche type of texture and cinnamon or chocolate swirl give such a distinctive taste.

It is mainly a yeast-based cake and many versions of this cake are much similar to a bread than to a cake. Babka is mainly used for religious occasions like Christmas and Easter.

4) Carrot Cake:

Carrot Cake

It may sound like an odd combination, a vegetable in a cake, but if you haven’t tried this cake yet, you are in for a great dessert surprise. In fact, if you don’t like the taste of carrots, still you should give it a try because the standard taste of carrot just doesn’t exist in the cake.

A perfect carrot cake comes with the dense, sweet cream cheese frosting that adds a super delicious taste and a lovely texture to the cake.

5) Black Forest Cake:

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest cake or Black Forest Gateau is a world-famous German dessert. This chocolate based cake comes with a very distinctive flavor due to its cherry and alcohol characters. It is purely a rich chocolate cake.

Now you might have got an idea about the 5 best types of cakes and it’s time to add more charm to any kind of event with any one of these cakes.


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