3 Guaranteed ways to buy smartphones online at lowest price

Buying smartphones online is easy. Be it online or offline, there are multiple ways to buy it. Various online stores are selling smartphones at competitive prices. With so many options online, people get really confused where to buy smartphones online and that too at lowest price. Why lowest price? In India, major chunk of the population is price sensitive. They want everything that suits their pocket. We have picked out three guaranteed online tools that would help you to buy your next smartphone at lowest best price. Utilizing these tools before making a buying decision online always help you save more.

Price Comparison websites for buy smartphones online at lowest price

Buy smartphones online collectionThis one is the most opted online tool that would help you to buy any product available online at lowest price. Its popularity has increased manifold in the recent past. In our country, there are tons of price comparison sites. What exactly a price comparison site does? In one word, you can compare several prices available online for a single product on a single page.

As we all are well aware of the fact that we are surrounded by various e-commerce portals selling same product at different prices. Finding the best lowest price is a daunting task. With a price comparison portal, knowing about the lowest best price online is easy and quick. You can find all other necessary information like shipping and guarantee details, product specifications and others.

Coupon Websites

Next way to save more money online is to use coupon websites to buy smartphones online. Websites offering coupon codes and discount vouchers are one of the best ways today to save maximum amount of money online. Earlier, coupon codes are published in the newspapers only. But, now in this internet age, coupons have became one of the most popular marketing strategies opted by online sellers. Using these promo codes or coupons help you to get the product including smartphone at discounted price.

Coupon codes are easy to find. Several coupon sites are offering n-numbers of coupon codes at one place.  They help you find the best coupons and deals online, which are updated every hour and every day. Definitely, it saves time and money. Furthermore, coupon codes mentioned on the website directly takes you to the offer page on the seller site.

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions… this is one of the newest money saver online shopping tool online. Adding Chrome Extension helps every online buyer to save more money.  Chrome Extension is a plug-in, which is installed on your Chrome browser. How it works? How you can save more money or get the best deal online? Answer is simple.

After installing Chrome Extension, you will get notified about latest price drop, big discounts, fresh launches and more. These notifications pop up at your screen whenever there is a price drop. Chrome extensions suggest discount offers as per your browser history. For eg: If you are planning to buy Apple iPhone 6s online and you have downloaded a chrome extension of any price comparison site, then it will notify you about iphone’s price drop whenever you log in next time on chrome browser. This way you can get all best online offers with minimal efforts.

Author Bio: This is a guest article contributed by Sanjeev who is founder 33coupons – a discount coupon site in India . You can follow him on twitter @kumarsanjeev_me

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    Nice article, very comprehensive points. I prefer the price comparing websites as they give you a clue as to where the deals are.

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