Owners divided after GC’s proposal to retention of players in IPL auction 2018

IPL is the most attended cricket league and sixth most among all sports in the world. In 2010, IPL also becomes the first sporting event to be broadcasted live on YouTube. It is so popular that it still has the half year to start new IPL 2018 season but still it is in news for its teams player retention and auction event. Ahead of IPL auction 2018, according to reports of Cricinfo, The eight IPL teams could be allowed to retain 3 players each.

But there will be another meeting again one week from now to talk about player retention, maximum purse and right-to-match-card rules with an ultimate choice to be brought on November 14 with every one of the eight teams being available.

<strong>IPL auction 2018</strong>

The Details: 
According to reports, some team owners are opposed to the idea of retaining players for upcoming IPL auction 2018. According to them, retention kills the possibilities of the big names being available for auction. Additionally, the entire idea of the auction got here from the transfer window in football. And in case you take a look at them, every player is unfastened to transport to whichever club they experience like in step with their choice and the financial offers.

They also ask a question that ‘if retention is applicable even in the mega-auction, then what sort of a fresh auction is it?’ and because of this they will bring this matter to other owners and Governing Council during the workshop. But some owners want to retain players because they think the league is as much about cricket as it is about fan loyalty. Over the years IPL teams create the fan base and loyalty among fans in different cities.

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What if you suddenly get known that your favourite player will be playing for another franchise from next season? You will definitely feel bit awkward. To be fair MS Dhoni means CSK just like Kohli means RCB or say Rohit Sharma Means Mumbai Indians. Both, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals will be making a rebound to the IPL following a two-year suspension, are enthusiastic about the retention strategy recommended by BCCI. They will hope to hold their previous stars that made them so prominent. So the way that they may have the alternative of picking three players from either Gujarat Lions or Rising Pune Supergiant surely bodes well.

IPL auction 2018

What next?
The fact is that this is going to be an auction of more players in auction pool, what number of players are being permitted to be retained, how many rights to match cards are available and the purse available to each franchise is everything that should be arranged in the coming months.

If the three players retention is made final, a combination of two Indians and an overseas player or vice versa could be retained according to a BCCI official. And it will be a challenge for some franchisee to select three players. and if Governing Council decides that no player will be retained then coming auction going to be biggest and historic auction ever. So it is very interesting to see what GC decides for the faith of IPL auction 2018.


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